Last Weekend's Project: Painting

Sunday was a big day around our household. We had been gearing up for it all week- buying supplies, moving furniture. And then the day came- bright and early, we were painting the house! (Click on the pictures for a bigger view)
Living Room:
This room was yellow when we moved in, with a sunflower border acting as a "chair rail" separating the brighter yellow on the bottom with the lighter yellow on the top. I love sunflowers, so much so that everything in my kitchen has sunflowers on it. But, my kitchen's open to the living room, so sunflowers in my kitchen as well as my living room were a bit much.



We chose a sage-green-ish color that isn't showing up very well in this picture. No more sunflower border. Also note the new curtains. Those have been in place for a few weeks. I like them.

The kitchen was a sea-foam-green color. I happened to have a teapot that matched, but that's about it. I needed something closer to the fall colors that were in everything else in my kitchen.



You can see the living room green on the left wall. I chose a golden color for the kitchen. It's now much warmer feeling- I really, really like it.

Game Room:
This is where we store and play all our games, as well as watch TV. We wanted a fun color in here, and the white walls and pink and blue stenciling didn't scream "Fun Game Room!" After putting curtains up, we chose a color from the curtains for the walls- a really bright color.



The walls are a almost-neon green, and the trim and daybed are white, creating a fun, bright, really sharp looking room. There appears to be a nuclear bomb going off outside the window, but I assure you there is not. It's just that bright due to light metering in the camera. Anyway, the plan is to pick up old classic board games at garage sales and Goodwills and use the boards to decorate the walls to complete the theme (and cover some of the very-bright color!) The next step for this room will be replacing the blue carpet with a remnant piece from my parents' house.

The outside trim of the house is wood, and there were areas that seriously needed painting. We weren't sure if we liked the off-white color, which matched teh house but not the gutters.



We went with a white color that matched the gutters and, in my opinion, gives the house a cleaner look, with the black shutters and black roof. I was happy with the outcome.

How, you may wonder, did we do all this in one weekend, nevertheless one day? We have wonderful friends and family. My parents and four friends (and two toddlers) spent Sunday morning at our house tackling the project, and they all did a better job than I could have imagined! I'm so delighted. We have a little more trim left to paint at the back of the house, and we want to paint the foyer as well, but besides that, we got the whole project completed in a day. Did I mention we have great friends?


beth@thenaturalmommy said...

LOVE IT. :-) Wow. Especially the kitchen; I think that was the biggest improvement. And I love how the sage wall matches the yellow in the kitchen. Very nice.

Can't wait til we get a place WE can decorate. :-)

Daniel & Teresa said...

Looks great! And I can actually picture the house now! :)

Kristen said...

you got rid of the border that matched my old bathroom :)

I love the new painting job and I wish I could just come on over and visit.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Very nice! You did a great job! And I'm impressed you tackled the outside of the house too. :-)

Larissa said...

I love it! And you have very good friends indeed. That was a LOT of work!


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