Vegetable Garden Flowers

Flowers don't just appear in the flower garden- they're all over my vegetable garden too! The vegetable garden flowers may not be as ostentatious as the flower-garden flowers, but they have a beauty all their own. Here are some examples, taken last night:

Broccoli is a flower. Specifically, the "tree" part is a bunch of little green buds, which are supposed to be harvested right before they bloom.

Potato flowers, demonstrating my potatoes are growing happily:

Pea flowers, that drop and turn into pea pods, which I am still swimming in:

Bean flowers:

A future sunflower (these got planted late.):

Now, on to less desirable flowers...
Some plants produce whatever it is they produce until they start producing flowers. Once they "go to seed" or "bolt", the plant puts its energy into making flowers rather than yummy leaves.
Here's my lettuce patch, with lots of flowers:

Chive flowers- these are edible in their own right:

And herbs (the pictures were taken when it was too dark. I apologize for the quality):

And our last "flower"- actually the flower stalk from the mystery harvest contest. Here it is on the plant:

And in my hand:

What is it?
Everyone's guessed the right family of plants (alliums) but only one person has identified it. Don't forget to leave your answer in the comments of the contest post!


Becca said...

Nice pictures. I'm not planting the right kind of mystery plant I suppose, for I only got one of those flowers this year. The way we eat the rest of the plant, I need to figure out the right variety to grow!

Stacy said...

What pretty pictures! I love gardens, wish i had one =) I have plans =p lol but thats all at the moment.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know that those vegetable has flowers.

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