Mystery Harvest Contest

Remember way-back-when I reviewed that yummy Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce? Well, as a thank you for the review, I was sent another Country Bob's cookbook! Autographed.

Which means I have two high quality, practically-new, hardback, color-photo cookbooks now.

Which means
a blog reader is going to get a chance to win one!

To keep on the food theme, I mentioned in my last post I had been harvesting peas. Here's a picture of something else I harvested from my garden this week- my first time tasting this ever. And I was pleased.

To enter the drawing for the cookbook:

  • Tell me what it is I harvested, in the picture. Leave your answer in the comments.
  • Get two extra entries to the drawing if you pick some of these up at your local farmers market and tell me what you made with them, here or on your own blog. Even if you don't win the cookbook, picking up these curly green things is worth the try. Yummy!
  • As an aside, my favorite vendor of these seasonal delicacies is The Farming Engineers, who will be at the Carmel Farmer's Market this week. You may have to get there early to get some, though! Many things they have sell out fast!
  • The drawing will be next Thursday, June 26th. Make sure I have your contact information to get in touch if you win!

* Don't forget, you can order a free sample bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce anyway, whether you win or not.

Good luck!


Jes said...

Um.. I don't have a garden, but it looks like chives maybe? that's my guess. just cuz it's fun to guess.

Matt Wissman said...

I'm going to guess chives

Joanna said...

Nope, not chives. Chives are straight and these are curly. These are also thicker around than chives. Keep guessing!

You're allowed to guess until you get it! Or someone else gets it, then you copy their answer.... I shouldn't give anymore hints, then, should I?

Ariel L said...

This citified girl would have to say chives or wild onions.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is what did you cook with them?

Joanna said...

We ate them 2 nights this week, in very different forms: One night, I cut them into 1.5-2 inch pieces, steamed them with the peas, and ate them as a side, like green beans. The other night, I made a pesto sauce with them and tossed that with pasta.

The mystery deepens.

Anonymous said...

I thought they were green onions,minus the bulbs.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.

Anonymous said...

They look like my garlic chives, actually!

Anonymous said...

I am going to guess midin (or fern tips)

- Matt B

Becca said...

It's garlic scapes. I would recognize them anywhere!

Becca said...

Were they supremely yummy?

Larissa said...

I'm going to trust that Becca knows what she's talking about and go with garlic scapes as well. (She sounded pretty confident. :) )

Anonymous said...

Garlic scapes sounds like the most exotic of the choices.


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