Portrait of a brother

My brother-in-law is graduating from high school in two weeks.

My husband's brothers are all spread out age-wise. The oldest brothers are more than ten years older than us, and have two kids each (and we celebrated the youngest nephew's 2nd birthday Friday!), and the youngest brother of the family is six years younger than Josh, and is just finishing high school. And what a job he's done!

This kid, although having to overcome health problems throughout high school, has truly excelled. He's one of the top students in his class, and is a whiz not only at math, english and science, but on multiple musical instruments. He'll be going to IU next year, and had the honor of being accepted directly into the prestigious Kelley School of Business, and will have all his college expenses paid for, without loans.

With all these accomplishments, don't assume Mitch is an egghead- he's not. Instead, he's the social butterfly of the family. He's held down a job all through high school, and has worked hard and played hard. We're so proud of you, Mitch! Finish well!

Because Mitch is so great, you'll not be surprised that I was delighted to take his senior portraits!

Headed to IU:

On the beach:

Handsome guy:

Heading to the future:

Three brothers together:

Check out the whole album, some better than others.

Past portrait projects:


Beth@TheNaturalMommy said...

You could totally do this as a side job, Joanna. These pictures are awesome!

dfhypli - that was from Olivia. I tried to get her to type "Hi". All the other letters were wrong turns.

Joanna said...

Beth - I'm collecting a portfolio, if you haven't noticed ;-)

Seriously, I've thought about doing photography on the side, mainly because I keep getting comments like yours. I know I have woefully amateurish equipment (camera with a kit lens and no special flashes or anything) and exactly zero Photoshop skills (I just stick to my ol' reliable Picasa), so I question how successful I could be. And I'd be afraid of photographing a wedding, for fear of screwing up the only visual memories a person has of the most important day of their life.

I figure, senior pictures are safe, since kids only keep them around for a couple years before they move on :)

Anonymous said...

You make us sound so old!! :)
I hear your 30's are the new 20's!


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