My Model Sister

I have a gorgeous sister. I've mentioned before, she models periodically as the jobs come, through a modeling agency. Well, the pictures the modeling agency has of Caroline are 3 years old, and they've been emailing her to get new ones (or, for her to pay $150 to use their photographer & he'll take new pictures...) After seeing my last photography project, she asked me to do it! Yipes! What do I know about modeling?! I agreed anyway, after getting an idea what the organization was after by looking at their site.

After having her & my mom over for dinner, we took yesterday evening to get the the pictures done, and I did my best. Caroline had a few outfits, and I've only gotten through reviewing a couple of them. See a few of the first results:

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Caroline elise said...

I will have to admit.. You Did Good :)!! Hope you enjoyed the Ice Cream payment.. I did! Thanks so much ! Love You!!!


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