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A few months back, Josh and others from his choir at church headed up to Alexandria, IN with their choir director to record a few songs at the Gaither's studio. That alone was a cool experience and an adventure. Imagine our excitement this weekend when we got, in our hands, the CD that was the fruit of that trip- complete with Josh's name in the credits!

His choir director, Carmen D'Arcy (Her last name is actually "Stanczykiewicz", but that doesn't play well on the radio. DJs have trouble with it. So do I. The recording company decided to use her maiden name.), had her CD released TODAY and on the radio across the country. Get it on Amazon! Or take a listen & read the lyrics on her website or Facebook* or MySpace page*!

And! The Big Event! On May 2nd at 7pm, join the choir and Carmen and lots and lots of other people at a worship event/CD release concert at Grace Community Church!

It will be fun. Josh will be singing, along with (obviously) Carmen. I will probably be scurrying around behind the scenes helping with the "hospitality room".

And, on a more serious note, I have appreciated the way Carmen leads us in worship at church, and the passion and excitement she exudes from up front. Josh ahs loved having her as a choir director. She's lots of fun. The CD definitely communicates all of that. I'm glad to have a copy.

Fun fact:
All the pictures for the CD insert were taken at the place Josh's mom works- a beautiful art gallery in Zionsville, IN.
* Don't take this as an endorsement of social networking sites. It's not. But, if you're already networked, just thought you might like to check hers out.


Matt said...

Cool.* I'll check it out.**

* Social networking sites are great.

** Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.

Matt said...

I've thought it over, and I may have been too stubborn on the topic of social networking sites. I was overzealous in my eagerness to use a footnote.*

* Footnotes** really are great.

** Or is it feetnote?

Anonymous said...

We bought the CD and it is very good! I am really happy for Carman!!

I think the plural of "footnote" could be "feetnotes" with an "s" :)


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