I'm tired.

Maybe it's because I've had an emotionally exhausting week.
Maybe it's because I've been busy.
Maybe it's just because I've not been getting the 8-to-9 hours of sleep I need.

On top of it all, I'm either coming down with something, or am having allergies.

And, the worst part: there's no rest in sight. Well, there is, but it's a ways off. The next day I don't have something planned, besides work, is a week from tomorrow. And there's so much to do before then. More on that later.

I want off this treadmill. Alas.
I apologize. This isn't typical Keeping Feet fare- I'm not usually whiny. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled posting. Speaking of that- Blogger In Draft now has scheduled posting! Now I need to think up a good use for it. The new "Notes From Friends" list is also a Blogger-in-Draft creation. Fun new toys!


Amy said...

I hear ya! Get some rest, girl! You deserve it and go back to your regular schedule when you feel up to it!

Lisa said...

:* :* :*

Anonymous said...

Things are starting to bloom. You may have allergies if you've been working in the yard. Take care of yourself and get rest. Love,M.


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