Internet Service Math, part 2

I had mentioned previously that we were looking for a faster internet-connection solution, trying to figure out the best buy for us among the myriad of options.

Here was the breakdown last time:
A. Landline phone ($29) + Dial-up ($4) = $33/month
B. Landline phone + DSL = $39/month after taking into account all the special "bundle" deals, modem equipment included, for the first year
C. "Naked" DSL = $35/month + charges for the equipment we've already been sent, which will presumably be more that $48 ($4/month)

Since November, we've been with option A, because, when we moved to our new house, the basic landline service was almost twice as expensive as the basic landline service at our previous place. Because of that "sticker shock", we opted for the least-expensive internet service we could find.

Ashley asked "I thought last time I talked to you, the dial-up was working just fine?" The truth is, the dial-up IS working just fine for me. No problems. The catch: I'm never on it. Josh is "feeling the pain" more than I am because he's using it more than I am- I'm just avoiding it altogether, except to upload pictures and write blog posts. He's dealing with corporate websites trying to pay bills or check account balances, and, on top of it all, I think he's missing his Homestar Runner, too.

Anyway, we had always said we'd stick with dial-up as long as we could stand it, just to save money in the meantime. Looking at the math now, I'm not sure we were saving any money at all! Beth commented on the post about a $25 'naked DSL' plan that she found on the Verizon website. After reading the comment, my husband went looking for the plan (which was lower than the $35 he was quoted!), found it on the web, and called Verizon back today. Like Beth, the customer service person was very reluctant to have us drop our landline phone- so much so that he offered even more of a discount on the DSL+phone bundle.

After the conversation with Verizon, our new options:
A. Landline phone ($29) + Dial-up ($4) = $33/month
B. Landline phone + DSL = $27/month after taking into account all the special "bundle" deals, modem equipment included, for the first year-and $12 a month, because we asked.
C. "Naked" DSL = $35/month + charges for the equipment
D. Slower "Naked" DSL = $25/month + charges for the equipment

Which are we going with? Choice B. After the equipment charges, this is saving us money over any other DSL plan or the dial-up plan. Hooray. After a year the price of the service will go up significantly, we'll reevaluate, probably doing something just like this.

  • It's good to know all your options.
  • It never hurts to ask.
  • It is worth evaluating this stuff every year or so, to see what offers are out there.
As I said in my last post, we'll look at our cell-phone options when the times comes. Also on the docket: insurance for the car & house. We've just gone with what we've "always used" and not really compared quotes. Kacie had a good evaluation of her car insurance lately.

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