New Kitchen Island!

I love my kitchen. I think it's coming from the apartment kitchen- which wasn't bad, but was a bit cramped- to a kitchen with not a lot more storage or counter space, but room to move. And, now, an added bonus! My aunt was de-cluttering, and, among other cool things I will surely mention in the future, I got this butcher block! It's square, and so is my kitchen, so I decided it would make a great "island". It's not exactly something you could pull bar stools up to or anything, but it gives me a place to set things (like a cookbook) while I'm working elsewhere in the kitchen. I'm a fan. It beats our home theater chairs- remember that story? The butcher block has a history too- it was given to my grandmother as a gift from my dad & aunt. I'm glad it's still getting use!

What do you think?

Note the dog butt in both pictures. He follows me around. Everywhere. Especially in the kitchen.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Nice! Yay for relatives decluttering!

Amy said...

That is so great! I love it. It would look elegant for entertaining too with some fresh grapes on it and different types of cheeses and crackers. I have a bamboo cutting board that I do that for when we have company or are having a date night. I hope you get lots of use out of it- you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Love the island! Matt and I are jealous. We would love to have one, but can't you just see little heads running straight into it? There's just no good place in our kitchen anyway.

CC said...

Cool! I want one of those!

Matt said...

I'm not that jealous. But it is nice.


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