Our Old Furniture

At the suggestion of a couple bloggers, Josh signed up to do surveys online (who knew they were looking for 18-35 yr old men?) and one of the surveys last week had him take a picture of his favorite & least-favorite pieces of furniture. His least favorite? The old recliner we have. This is no zero gravity recliner, don't be mistaken.

This old college-student recliner has actually changed hands a few times. We got it from my college roommate Melissa, who couldn't fit it in her already-packed-full car when she moved out. She got it from one of my college professors, who reportedly had it when HE was in college- and it probably wasn't new then! So, it's old and well-used, somewhat sagging, and recently, the footrest broke. Unfortunately, this chair is the only piece of seating (besides a bean bag chair and a coffee table) we have in the only room with a TV. Does this explain why we don't watch much TV?

But we have a plan! The bookcase was just a warm-up for Josh's woodworking hobby- the next project is more ambitious- a daybed, complete with a trundle bed! The daybed will provide both seating in the TV room AND sleeping space for guests, which, in our 3-bedroom house, we don't have right now, save for an inflatable mattress.

And, yes, there's a fuzzy pillow on the recliner that has a dog wearing a Santa hat on it. It's a Christmas-y pillow, but may stay out all year because A I like dogs and B) visiting kids like the bell at the end of the hat.

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