Chat with me!

Hey kids! Check out the nifty new widget I have on my sidebar! You can talk to me through Google Chat! De-lurk and say Hi! Tell me what your favorite color is! Tell me what I should have named my dog! Give me your best dog-training advice! Talk to me about your philosophical musings, the weather, life insurance, ice cream, anything! It will be fun!

This is an absolute record for me for the ratio of exclamation points to words in a post. I apologize. I will try to be more restrained from here on out.
EDIT: Wanna get the nifty chat feature for yourself? If you have a Gmail account or use Gtalk, go here to get the code.

Also, I've been asked a couple times- No, the chat feature doesn't log you in using your Google account, so, when you IM me, I don't know who you are. I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself!


Gretchen said...

So you said we should take this opportunity to delurk and i thought it was about time i did so. I found your blog a while ago and have loved being able to read about how things are going with you since i haven't talked to you since high school!!! I really look forward to reading your blog and hearing your opinion on things. And i have to say, i was jealous with how fast you developed your knitting skills...

Anonymous said...
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Joanna said...

Gretchen! Hi! Are you still in the area? It's fun to know I have long-lost high school friends out there. So glad you found me!

This de-lurking thing is fun, I've been able to chat with some new friends already. Anyone else out there?

Anonymous said...
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