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  • I really want to make these. I bet if I took the Mountain Dew & apples from work, and then brought them back to share, no one would complain.
  • I'm (still) in the midst of Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger. The book is dated but convicting. The dated portions seem not-so-dated when I see articles like the recent ones in TIME and Newsweek about hungry people all over the world.
  • We just got a dog. It's been a good week. Here's a blog full of dogs who didn't have good weeks: Fail Dogs. (Thanks, Melissa!)
  • Happy Leap Day tomorrow! Buy a $1 sweet tea (or whatever medium or large drink you want. I like sweet tea, y'all.) at McDonalds tomorrow morning & get a free breakfast burrito. (Thanks, Amy!)
  • Wise Bread talks about financial literacy. I think this is huge. Personal finance is not a narrow discipline- understanding everything from health savings accounts to investments to interest to mortgages to how to shop sales or compare prices is important to have a full view of things. I know I'm still learning!
  • Lots of questions being asked about politics and faith at the Washington Post: Who would Jesus Vote For? and I Voted for Obama, Am I Going to ...? Along the same lines, an old editorial by E J Dionne JrGod's Politics. To keep it fair and balanced around here, NPR talked to Richard Land quoted on this morning about why the two hot button issues, abortion and gay marriage, she still matter to Christians- a lot.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Mr. Land brings up Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's message of peace/ "racial reconciliation and racial justice" in regards to gay mariage just shows how awesome of a man King was. His goal was to heal a nation, not divide one. Where is the King of today?


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