Frugal Food Meme

I was tagged by Ariah at Trying to Follow to do this 'frugal food' meme. I have a particular interest in cooking and saving money, so this was fun!

1. Cheapest and Healthiest and Most Delicious Meal You’ve Made:
Gnocchi is a cheap meal, consisting of flour and potatoes and egg or salt. With a tomato or alfredo sauce, it's almost 'gourmet'!
2. Cheapest Dessert recipe You’ve Made: The last two years, I've made pear pies with free pears when they've been in season. The cost was only in the crust- which involves flour and butter & sugar.
3. Cheapest Meal for a Large Group of People: Pizza Pasta casserole: serve 16-20. Sixty cents a serving.
4. Cheapest Vegetarian Meal You’ve Made: Most of our vegetarian cooking involves "grilled cheese and tomato soup". Gnocchi falls into this category too (see #1). More recently, I made a crockpot broccoli-egg-and-cheese casserole with free broccoli when we had friends over, that fed about 6.
5. Quickest Healthy Meal You’ve Made: Just Wednesday, I whipped up dinner for a surprise guest really quickly: Fish, broiled 3 minutes on each side, instant mashed potatoes, and steamed (free) broccoli.

I tag Ashley, Beth, and Kacie to try this out! Anyone else can play along on your own blog or leave your favorite frugal dish in the comments!


Daniel & Teresa said...

Could I have your recipe for the broccoli casserole? We just brought down our crock pot and are looking for recipes. :)

Daniel & Teresa said...

And yay for Gnocchi!

bfine107 said...

Thanks for posting these! I'm definitely going to try Gnocchi this week.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Thanks for tagging me, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to do this meme. :-) I have yet to sit down and figure out exactly how much my meals cost.


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