Adventures in Home Owning, part II

Part 1 involved staying home and waiting for the gas company to bring us a new gas tank.

In part two of our series, the event is much more exciting and much less desirable. The adventures never cease!

Our pipes were frozen this morning & we had no water. I'm praying hard that they don't burst. Unfortunately, I'm reading about what you're supposed to do if your pipes freeze, and I think we've done everything wrong. And I don't have a car at work to go and rectify the situation, so I can just sit here and worry about it. And pray.

Anyone have this happen before and know what I should do when I get home?

Seriously, it was 51 when I left work yesterday. I didn't think to turn on the heat tape overnight. I was wrong. Not looking forward to dealing with this. Good thing Josh is home tomorrow...


James Kubecki said...

Two sites that I'm finding more and more valuable:


(Notice WikiHow's RSS feed!)

Anyway, WikiHow, I don't believe, will help much today. They only seem to have something about preventing frozen pipes.

But, eHow seems to be more helpful in this situation.

And apparently, I wasn't far off this morning. One of the eHow articles says:
"Things You'll Need: Hair dryer..."

Lisa said...

1) turn all the taps on
2) Call a plumber if they are still frozen when you get home. They hook up their magic electric thing to the pipes & heat em up.

Happened to us once too.. everything was fine, nothing popped. Here's hoping the same for you.

Joanna said...

Yeah, the reason I'm scared is, based on what eHow is saying:
- We didn't get in the crawlspace or cellar to see if the pipes are broken.
- We didn't turn the water off to the house.
- We didn't open a faucet.
- We did turn on heat tape, which will certainly melt the ice, but the water won't have anywhere to go.

Yeah, we have a lot to learn. Now we know.


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