My first adventure in homeowning

Not much of an adventure, really, at all- just a wake-up call to my new, 1200-square-foot responsibility. I spent the first couple hours this morning at the new house, waiting for the gas company to come by and deliver a new propane tank, while installing shelf liners in the kitchen. I started the shelf liner project last night. When the shelf liners were in place, I unpacked three boxes of kitchen stuff, then started walking around the yard picking up branches that have fallen from trees.

All the mundaneness of home ownership. So far, I'm not minding it, though it probably has a lot to do with the novelty of it all. We shall see- next Monday the phone company's coming sometime between 8am and noon. I'm surely looking forward to that one...

In more adventurous news, our friends (the sellers of the house) had a few outdoor cats. They couldn't find one when they were moving, so they were going to try to come back sometime later this week to catch it. Well, while I was at the house this morning, the cat appeared from the bushes! It was very friendly, and I kept petting it while trying to figure out how to both keep it around and call my friends. I decided to get it in the laundry room and shut it in there until they could get it. Great idea right? Well, this is an outdoor cat. It was moderately happy while I was in the room petting it, but then I wanted to call Josh to get our friends' new number, to tell them I had the cat. I stepped out of the room, and it started meowing loudly. Then, the gas company man showed up at our back (laundry room) door rather than the front door, withe the doorbell. As he knocked, the cat jumped and attacked the door. I thought that was odd. I hadn't seen housecats do that before... I tried to open the door just a crack to get outside to talk to the gas company man. He looked afraid of the cat- especially when, as I opened the door- the cat leapt at me, then bolted out the door and across the yard.

Silly cats. This is why I'm a dog person.

Photo from a year ago of the cat in question:

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