Frozen Pipes update

We got home & opened the faucets: no water.

So, we left all the faucets in the house open and went out to dinner with a gift card.

We got home, and the faucets were running! Hooray!

Then we got all the way back to the master bathroom and discovered, not only can pipes be frozen- drains can too!

And which drain was it that was frozen? Of course it was the highest-volume faucet in the house, the bathtub. So, we had a bathtub full to the brim with water, a bathroom floor covered in water, and the master bedroom carpet starting to get wet. It was good we got home when we did.

Luckily (?), Josh impulse-bought a wet/dry vac on Black Friday, so it got good use last night, trying to get the water out of the carpet. The wet/dry vac dried up 90% of the water, and we left a fan blowing on the carpet all night to dry the rest.

All was well this morning. Crisis averted.

Adventures never cease.


Anonymous said...

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Kristen said...

Hey, the same thing has happened here- wake up and no water to shower. But it's not due to pipes freezing :) By the way, it was about 75 degrees today- he he.

Glad things turned out alright.

Amy said...

Now I would have NEVER known that! I am glad you caught in time before it did too much damage. Phew!


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