My photo-printing savings

I don't play the CVS game. There. I said it. The coupon-clipping and deal-matching and ending-up-with-seven-Beano-vials just doesn't appeal to me. When I DO need something, I consider all my options, shop around, and find the best deal that will get me just what I need. This weekend, I needed to print a whole bunch of pictures.

Our first step was checking out the brick-and-mortar stores. I was hoping to find 12-to-15-cent photos, and Walgreens and WalMart had 15-to-19-cent photo printing. I would have gone to Walgreens, but wanted to check online first, thinking I could do better. Thanks to a few astute bloggers, I did!

For those of you playing along at home, that's 70 free photos at CVS, which averaged out to just over five cents per 4x6 photo. The 5x7's were a dollar each, but I figured they were worth splurging for. Overall, the order averaged to about 7 cents a photo, including the larger ones. Not bad.

I got my tips on how to get the free photos here.


Jes@beautyfromchaos said...

Let me know how the pictures come out. I did that a few weeks ago and they were horrible.
The local CVS let me bring them back and bring my pictures in on a flash drive and they reprinted them from the Kodak machine. They were much better then. They also advised me to get my money back from online, but since we had gotten all the prints for free I didn't have to mess with that.
So if they come back bad, take them to the local CVS.

WorksForMom said...

We don't have a local CVS, but I usually order them online from Wally-Mart (the quality for the cost is quite acceptable).

Larissa said...

So I'm a little behind on reading blogs. I decided today was the day to catch up. When we started printing wedding photos, Daniel's mom got a great idea of printing the same picture at several different place to see which turned out the best. CVS wasn't one of those places so I can't comment on their quality. She had them printed by Wal-Mart, Target, a fancy special photo printing specializing store, Snapfish, and the Kodak website. The winner and the cheapest (if it wasn't the cheapest, it was only a couple cents more) was the Kodak website. I've been using them ever since. They regularly send me coupons over my email so if I just collect photos in my shopping cart and actually buy them once I get a coupon, I can save money on quality pictures.

Larissa said...

Now obviously free is better than any other deal but once you have to start paying for them again, check out the Kodak website.

Be sure to let me know how the CVS photos turn out!

Joanna said...

The pictures turned out fie, and thanks to my astute CVS friends, I managed to print a $2-off-$10-purchase coupon, a $5-off-batteries coupon, and a free-tissues coupon, and pay around $6 for 110 pictures, a pack of AA batteries, and a box of tissues. I'm learning, guys!


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