Still posting...

It's NaBloPoMo. I'm keeping up (Sort of. We'll pretend. For now.) I don't have internet at the house, and may not till the end of the week. What should all my faithful readers do in the meantime? Look forward to the profound posts surely to come when Joanna can sit down and write them, when she has an internet connection. In the meantime, you can find fascinating things on the internet about
Raleigh accident lawyers. Yeah, I know. Shameless link.

Another house photo, to appease the masses (Ha! Masses!):

This is a detail shot of the back door curtains. Can't get any cuter. They're staying, for sure.


Heather said...

You won the Glad Steaming Bags! Email me at mhlessiter@zoominternet.net and I'll get them to you ASAP! Congrats! :o)


Anonymous said...

House is so cute!!! Can't wait to see it!


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