Neighbor-love in action

Moving into a house with no close neighbors, I didn't really expect to meet anyone for a while. Because we don't have kids, I wasn't so concerned with seeking out "neighbor kids" as playmates or friends at school, so the other houses on the street, all a good distance away, weren't of a primary concern. We were told by the former owners of the house the neighbors behind us were friendly, and I was sure I'd meet them by Spring, when I'd start getting outdoors more.

Saturday, after everything was moved in the house, one of Josh's brothers showed up with two of his sons. As we were showing them around the yard and standing outside talking, our neighbor walked up with her 9-year-old son. She greeted us, and stood and talked for a long while, and her son invited our oldest nephew to play in his tree house. I was so thankful for loving neighbors that made a point to come by and make not only us, but our extended family, feel welcome.

Sunday, while I was in the house with my mom & mother-in-law organizing & Josh & his dad were out at Lowes, the doorbell rang. A family of five stood on my doorstep, from three houses away- they were also here to welcome us to the street. They brought us a casserole, even, to make dinner that night a breeze, in the midst of a busy,hectic time. Coincidentally, they brought a recipe that I recognized- a pizza casserole I blogged about not-so-long-ago.

Even though we're not in a proper subdivision, the neighbors love each other well here, or so it seems. They have all offered help in getting settled, and seem to genuinely care. I'm excited to get to know them more, and glad they had the courage to come knock on our door!


Kacie said...

That's wonderful! It's so nice to have great neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That family of 5 never brought ME a casserole! ;-) Of course, I never brought them one, either.


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