The conclusion of the Pie matter

The pumpkin pie is sitting on a plate in my refrigerator.

Two apple-and-pear pies were baked last night. One is currently in the break room here at work, and will surely disappear before the end of the day. If not, more pie for me, I guess.

The other is in the refrigerator for tomorrow's family gathering.

Because I am unsure of my crust-making skills, both pies have only bottom crusts and a crumble topping. I had to double every other part of the recipe- the crust recipe, I didn't want to mess with.

The pears were huge and juicy and sweet- and mostly-local, being from a friend's mom's tree. The apples were small (a little smaller than my fist) and therefore a pain to peel, both because of the number of them and the small amount of benefit per apple. They were from Michigan.

And, I'll make the chocolate pudding pie & apple muffins later for those who voted for them. Otherwise, I think everyone's happy. If not, there will certainly be way more food to partake in besides the pies.

In other cooking news, while the pies were cooking, I froze 3 liters of chicken broth I made from the remnants of a rotisserie chicken we shared with family on our moving day. This should last me for a while.

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