Don't forget our neighbors

From an Indy Star editorial today:
"Bounty" is a word we use a lot in November when we tell why we're thankful. As residents of a county that ranks high on lists of per capita income and quality of life, it's hard to believe -- and easy to look past -- the fact that 16,972 Hamilton County residents are thankful this year for having the "bare bones."

That number is how many people had signed up for assistance through the Good Samaritan program before the group's food giveaway started Saturday . . . and the number was growing as more people signed up at the door.
These aren't strangers, they're neighbors -- people we meet on the street, talk to in our neighborhoods and work next to every day. Many of the people who get Good Samaritan's help are the working poor, just getting by living on minimum wage.
I live in Hamilton County- a very-well-off county by Indiana or even national standards. Betwixt the mansions, it is very, very easy to forget that there are needy here, too. Whether my neighbors need drug rehabilitation or just a hot meal, I cannot forget them. God's heart is for marginalized people.

Speaking of marginalized people & God, anyone pick up this story? I haven't bought any crucifixes lately (and neither have most evangelicals or protestants), but do you know where your Veggie Tales toys come from? Yeah, me neither- and it may be a silly example- but it's always a good question to ask.

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