The Pie Dilemma

I am supposed to bring a pie to Thanksgiving.
I LOVE making pies. If I had more pie plates, I would bring all sorts of pies to our dinner. As it is, I have two, and one is currently holding the remnants of a pumpkin pie I made over the weekend- so I only have one available. The choices, from my ideas & requests from family members are: pumpkin, strawberry, cherry, apple, pear, peach, chocolate pudding.

Here's the facts of the matter:
  • I have apples available to me for free.
    • If I make something with the apples, I have to bring it in to work as well.
    • I may do this anyway, but it would potentially take my only remaining pie pan, unless I make a cobbler or some sort of apple muffins or bread, which would potentially not be as popular.
  • I have pears available to me for free.
    • I already have these and they are already ripe, so if I don't make something with them for Thanksgiving, I will have to shortly thereafter.
  • Cherries for a pie would come from a can. I would need to buy these soon.
  • Strawberries are not in season and would be frozen. I would need to buy these soon.
  • I'm not sure if peaches are in season, so I may need to buy them in a preserved form.
  • Sweet potato souffle is already on the menu, which is very similar to pumpkin pie. Also, I already used my one can of pumpkin, so need to go out & get another.
  • Chocolate pudding pie seems like a cop-out.
  • My last idea: making cupcake-sized "tarts" using many, any, or all of the above ideas, with mini-pie-crusts & filling
    • I've never done this & don't know how it would work, but it sounds like fun.
OK. Vote in the comments. I need ya'll's input. Soon.


ChuckL said...

Your pear pie was delicious!! and... Your apple is awesome too! Can you make a half and half pie?

Caroline elise said...

if pears and apples are free im up for either... i dont think i have ever tried a pear pie, it could be good....apple is always classic :)

Matt Wissman said...


Anonymous said...

I vote you put your leftovers on another plate, and then you can make two new pies! One apple, one pear, and everyone's happy.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Matt said...

Anything that starts with the word "Chocolate" is not a cop-out. That also goes for anything with the word "pudding" in the middle.

I think pear pie sounds interesting.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I agree with Mary about freeing up your other pie plate! Those apple muffins sound interesting too; you should make them and send them down. ;-)

Paul is making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. That's my input on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I bet Josh is voting for the chocolate. Bag up your leftovers and make a fruit pie as well.
Happy Turkey Day :)

anne said...

There's another option-prepared pie crusts come with their own pan. That is a small cop-out when you are preparing fresh fruit.


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