Science Stories o' the Morning

A couple geeky stories to throw your way, from my favorite source for occasional science news, Inkling Magazine:

The first, I read a few weeks ago, about miscarriage. Very informative, and full of stats that aren't talked about. And, as any good article does, the first sentence caught me: "After the fun part of baby making comes the hard part."

Yesterday's article was a mathematical description of the progression of Love in a relationship. I started to tell Josh about it, and he cut me off with "I never took Calculus." Good thing, I guess. He was the first one to say I Love You in our relationship. After reading this article, I thought about how I've continued to fall more and more in love with him, even when I thought it wasn't possible anymore. We're still silly and crazy about each other, sixteen months into marriage. I expect we'll be the same way in 16 years, and 60 years. And, although I did take calculus in high school & college, I'm not about to find the first and second derivative of the curve describing the relationship.


Kristen said...

I'll have to check out this mathematical look at love. You know how I'm addicted to Numb3rs? Well, the math genius on the show has been working on publishing something of the sort. Funny- it actually exists!

Joanna said...

Well, it doesn't ACTUALLY exist... they were kidding, or, at best, it's a very approximate observation

Kristen said...

it is funny, though. Is it a good idea: the second derivative?


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