Project this weekend: packing

I just woke up from a nap. I wake up from naps very slowly, and it's a wonder I can even make full sentences on this blog right now, or spell anything at all. Somehow, I'm doing it. When I'm awake enough to move around more, I'll start packing. Earlier this week, I finished packing our big bookshelf, and now am in the hunt for other things around the house that we won't be needing in the next month, that we can box up. One month! Can you believe it?!

Moving details are still being finalized. We'll call out friends with trucks to help haul stuff the 6 or so miles between our current place and the new house. It's be nice to get a hold of some Titans (I'm talking Greek mythology, not Tennessee football) to carry the stuff from our third floor apartment to the vehicles below, but I think I'll have to rely instead upon strong friends and family members.

So, who's free the second weekend in November?

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Becca said...

these last two posts have been so random! I was wondering what was going on. Now I see the tag...


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