The Cooking Season

Earlier this week, because guests were coming over, I made oatmeal cookies. I have a feeling this kicked off the Cooking Season for me.

I had never had a 'cooking season' before last year, which started during October. I already have plans to make candy corn cookies for Halloween get-togethers, and I hope to break out the Thanksgiving tablecloth and host a dinner for my family at the new house. After Thanksgiving, there will be event after event before Christmas that will require some variety of cookie or pie or other treat. Last year the Season lasted until the end the end of January, which was full of Colts games parties and birthdays. This year, we shall see what I come up with.

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Oh boy. My cooking season started the week before last. I've already made granola, chex mix, pumpkin cookies, banana bread... with plans for much more. LOVE this time of year... except for the snugness my waistband is feeling.


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