What was in the package

Not a taser... not Star Trek DVDs.... not an Atari... though the latter two are probably on his Christmas list. No one guessed it- no trophies will be given out today. Thanks for playing, Matt, Matt & Matt!
A rotary phone! For 50 cents plush shipping! Working! With a real bell for a ringer. Honestly, the ringer is my favorite part- I love the way the authentic sound of a vibrating bell reverberates across the house. So cool.
I'll admit, I haven't made a call on it yet. Josh has, and the handset is loud and clear.
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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Hehe I grew up with one of those phones. :-) So are you and Josh going back to rotary phones, with dial-up internet and no cell phones? :-)

Kristen said...

Sweet! We had an old one to play with when we were kids.

Brett said...

Yeah, the mechanical ring of the rotaries are terrific. I've managed to get my Goodwill-found rotary cleaned up pretty well and taking it apart was a fun task. It's nice to dig in a see that, oh, the ring volume switch just adjusts which bell the hammer hits for each ring.


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