Melissa is a Mrs.!

I met Melissa five years ago- I remember the day we moved into our dorm freshman year- Cindy in my room, and Melissa just down the hall. My dad got talking to her dad, and found out we were both going for computer science degrees, and her dad was starting to work with computers for Wycliffe. When I started college, that was my plan- to be a computer person for a large national or international ministry. I think my dad even got Melissa's dad's business card.

As Cindy, Melissa & I all started out in the computer science department, I was glad to find out that Melissa, too, skipped the first-level programming class, so I wasn't the only girl (or the only freshman!) in the second-level class. We had quite a few more computer classes together, and were partners as often as possible, since it was much more convenient to be able to work on our projects in our dorm rooms, and, at Taylor, no boys were allowed on the floor.

And then there was this David fellow. He was a senior during our freshman year- and very far removed from us. The freshmen just heard rumors of this programming genius "Spartacus" who was writing a textbook with one of our professors. Melissa said she doesn't think she ever talked to him while they were both students at the same time. Ah, how things change.

The summer after our sophomore year, both Melissa and I were working for the university, and spent the summer house-sitting for a professor. We just needed to pay utilities- no rent- provided we would take care of the 3 acres of yard surrounding the house. It was good for me that summer- it actually got me outside in the sun and out of the Dungeon.

About halfway through the summer, I realized we had been putting off taking care of a flowerbed in the middle of the yard, so, one Thursday or Friday afternoon, after the weeks of rain had finally cleared up, we took advantage of the soft ground and weeded the flower bed. We were happy to have that job done!... but not for long. Apparently, there was poison ivy in the flowerbed, and apparently I'm not allergic to it, and Melissa is... VERY much so. By Monday, the reaction had gotten unbearable, and started pussing, so I took her to a nearby doctor, and then it hurt ME to see her in tears because they wouldn't see her because her insurance company's computers were down, so they couldn't verify her insurance. So frustrating. Us two computer geeks were in the waiting room very angry at computers. We went back a few hours later and they saw her and gave her a shot and a prescription to take care of the reaction, which took a long time to heal. Oh, the adventures we had. (Note to David: keep in mind this poison-ivy-reaction may end up in your children's DNA too. And don't let Melissa do yardwork!)

This was the weekend before the Lord Of The Rings marathon we organized in the basement of the library, complete with the old Hobbit cartoon, and watching as many of the extended edition DVDs that were released at that time. The event went all day, and there were enough geeks in town (and a couple from out-of-town!) that we had quite a good showing. It was a long day...

Fast forward another year, and Melissa and I are roommates in an apartment for the last year of college. We had lots of good times and good talks. This, however, is the most applicable part of the story- this is when David and Melissa were together. They had common friends for a long time, and she got an internship for a summer in Pennsylvania, where he was working, where they got to know each other and spend time together. Finally, after much deliberation, they decided to pursue a relationship. Oh, the joy in Melissa's voice when she'd talk to him nightly! The couple times he came to visit, she counted down the days with increasing anticipation- she was so excited! They were very purposeful in their dating relationship (as they are with all things). They did bible studies together about relationships, and talked about lots of issues. The best part: they were friends first. And they still are, best friends. I'm so excited for them! They are like-minded in so many ways, and I can't imagine a better match, and a better team.

Fast forward another year. Melissa found a job and moved to Pennsylvania, where her and David continued to date. And then, news of an engagement! (I got emails about Melissa's inklings about it a few weeks beforehand.) And, then, a wedding date! All so exciting. We drove out Thursday & Friday, and all the guests were invited to Bucca Di Beppo's for the rehearsal dinner Friday night. I was sure there would be so many friends and family and excitement around that I wouldn't get to talk to Melissa barely at all. I was so excited when she motioned me & Josh over to sit next to her at the rehearsal, and we talked excitedly, catching up in the little time we had over dinner. We showed up at the church Saturday about a half-hour early, and Melissa's mom came up to me and said Melissa wanted to see me back in her dressing room. These few moments before she walked down the aisle, though I'm sure they're a blur to her, were meaningful to me, getting to be with her, so excited, and so beautiful.

The wedding went wonderfully, and the reception was a nice time to sit and talk. There was an open-mic time where great stories were shared by friends and family alike. I wanted to get up there and say all that I just said above, but I didn't. I shared it here instead!

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Joanna said...

Something obvious I didn't mention about Melissa- at the end of our junior year, I asked her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, and throughout my wedding-planning process, she was supportive and enthusiastic, even collaborating to throw me a surprise bridal shower! So tricky.

I remember the day of my wedding rehearsal, she and I were wandering around a bookstore before the day's activities began, and she bought her very first wedding planning book. She was thinking ahead!

ashley@twentysixcats said...

Hehe Melissa put a lot of time into that surprise bridal shower! :-) I remember talking about weddings with her the whole weekend of your wedding. I was only 8 weeks away from my wedding, and we both had done the long-distance relationship thing, so we had a lot in common. I'm so happy to see her married and smiling so much!

Melissa said...

Yay, I'm MARRIED!! :)

I'm so glad you could be there, Jo :)

And your pictures are awesome!


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