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Check out the Make it from Scratch carnival over at "And Miles to Go Before We Sleep"

Also, Matt M has a review of the Transformers movie that I heartily agree with.

The minimum wage goes up today, for the first time in 10 years. While the new minimum wage still isn't a "living wage", it's closer, and will help low-income workers better provide for their families.


ashley@twentysixcats said...

My brother said Transformers was one of the best movies he's ever seen, so I sent him that link. :-)

Joanna said...

Good. In a whole host of categories, it does not rank anywhere near "the bets movie I've ever seen". It actually ranks right around Wild Wild West on the list of Movies I Like. To be clear, that is not very high.

Matt said...

Related to poverty, I've recently learned about the earned income tax credit. From the wikipedia article linked above: "Due to its structure, the EITC is effective at targeting assistance to low-income families. By contrast, only 30% of minimum wage workers live in families near or below the federal poverty line, as most are teenagers, young adults, students, or spouses supplementing their studies or family income."

ashley@twentysixcats said...

Wow, an increase to $7.25 is really going to hurt places like Taylor. I only got paid $5.85/hr when I worked there. I guess that means that there will be less jobs to be had. :-( Which is sad for those who would rather have $5.85 than nothing at all. Or maybe Taylor will raise the cost of tuition and keep the same number of student workers? Either way, the student loses out.

Matt said...

We'd be interested to see this list of Movies You Like. You'd have to include enough movies to get all the way down to Wild Wild West, though, which could be a big undertaking.

Joanna said...

I do not think I'll be providing the list of Movies I Like all the way to Wild Wild West. There's probably a word limit on Blogger or something, and I wouldn't get all the way there.


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