Selling a stool

My parents just moved into a new house, and they bought new bar stools- on sale! Fancy and padded! Honestly, they're surprisingly comfortable, as bar stools go. The catch: they already had a bar stool (just one), and it is a really nice, Amish-made, wood bar stool, and they want to sell it. They asked us about taking a picture of it & putting it on eBay, but we thought that craigslist would be simpler because we'd be dealing locally (and not have to worry about potentially shipping the thing). On the other hand, eBay has a wider audience for specialty items. I know more about craigslist than I do eBay (Josh is the eBay guru of the household), so I don't know all the advantages of the auction-style sale.

Have you guys sold large items on either site, or another I haven't thought of? Which do you prefer?

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