New experiment

Hey kids.
So, I'm trying something New and Different around here, just to see how it goes. A few blogs I read have started using their blog to make a bit of money, by including links in the text of their blog to companies who pay them to do it, through PayU2Blog.com. It seems simple enough and, as one friend pointed out, it's like back in elementary school when you were supposed to use your vocabulary words in a sentence or story- the story sometimes came out awkwardly, but the assignment was finished. On here, I'm going to try to fit the phrases into something I'd post about anyway, to make them as un-awkward as possible. We'll see how that goes. I mean, how do you shape a post around "power supply repair", or any one of the other random topics I get handed? I'll do my best. In the meantime, bear with me, and give me feedback if you Absolutely Hate It, and I'll try something else. Oh, and to be completely upfront and honest about what I'm doing, any post that has a sponsored link in it will be labeled 'sponsored'. Hopefully the links won't be too obtrusive.


The Mommy said...

I've been thinking about doing that. Can you give an example list of some of the links and key words you've been handed?

Hopefully they're not ll as awkward as "power supply repair".

Matt said...

I personally love the idea, but I have a weird outlook on blogging.

Would it compromise the pointedness of your blog in expressing what deeply concerns you as a unique individual? Yes. But, it would give you a challenging opportunity to use your unique individuality to do something creative within some interesting constraints. And that can also be a fun way for readers to get to know you in a different way. (I'm basically regurgitating my reasons why I like boardgaming.)

I for one would be entertained by seeing how you try to fit these sponsored entries in. I cannot guarantee that I would ever actually click the sponsored links, but I wouldn't be put off by it.

Joanna said...

Beth- They aren't all that awkward. The easiest one was 'digital camera', though 'bar stools' was a little awkward, and I'm still not sure what to do with 'market research' and 'California bed and breakfast'. This sure takes some creativity.

And, Matt, it doesn't matter if anyone ever clicks one of these. The goal of the marketing company is to get links from certain phrases to their clients' websites, to up the sites' PageRank. Basically, they're buying my vote.

I have discovered that I can make the link black-colored, and it is less obtrusive- you have to mouse over it to know that its clickable at all.


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