Highlighting Kristen

I haven't mentioned this yet this summer, and I probably should have much earlier, but one of my best friends, Kristen, is having an adventure this summer. You can check out her blog for a few more details and thoughts on the summer. She's pouring herself out, counseling (not camp-counseling, but psychology-major-counseling) troubled kids- kids in need of drug rehabilitation or with emotional or family problems- during a summer-long camp through New Horizons Ministries out of Marion. She's being stretched like crazy, and I am floored by her passion and heart for these kids.

If you'd keep the last few weeks of her time with the kids in your prayers, she'd appreciate it. She has made headway and formed relationships with many of the teenagers, but she knows that many have a long way to go. She gave up her Computer Science major to pursue psychology, to help troubled kids, and she is making an impact. And having a wilderness adventure in the meantime!

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