Knitting fiend

I've been knitting like crazy this weekend. Josh was in the choir at church for all 4 services this weekend, which means that he was at church from 1pm to 7:30 pm Saturday, and 8am-12 on Sunday. I don't know what got into me- perhaps it was my desire to shirk housework, perhaps a chance for serene peace and quiet, but, I went with him to church. And I sat, and I sat and I sat, before during and after all 4 services (except for the one wher ei taught Sunday School. There was NO sitting then.) All while I was sitting, I knit. And knit and knit. I finished 2 squares for 2 different (top-secret) projects start-to-finish. Here are digital camera pictures of previously finished squares:

Any guess on what the finished product might be?

I do admit, in the knitting department, I skipped a meeting for the knitting ministry at our church Saturday morning because I haven't worked on my assigned prayer shawl for two weeks while trying to get these projects done. I'll report on the finished product later. Oh, and the patterns for most the squares were based off the dishcloth patterns found at Knitting Knonsense. I loved some of the ideas, and appreciate how quickly they knit up!


tegdirb92 said...

A baby afghan? Hmm. could there be a baby on the way/ Great job with the squares.

Daniel & Teresa said...

Yay for knitting! I'd like to learn to knit someday... But meanwhile, I've been doing lots of crocheting... I'm working on various little jackets, hats, booties... :)

Stephanie said...

Is that for you? Do you have news you aren't telling us?

Joanna said...

OK, this guessing game was fun, but, NO, I am not expecting a baby. A coworker and a friend, are however, and I am working with friends to get these blankets knitted- you are right! I currently have 15 squares sitting on a table waiting to be stitched together into a couple blankets. I need to hurry, too! The babies are imminent!


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