Recent cameraphone captures

Here's a few slice-of-life stories from the last couple weeks. I'm a bit behind on this series.

A couple weeks ago, I went to hang out with my friend Katelynn at her house, who I don't get to see nearly often enough. Her family has 3 cats, and they very kindly locked them in the office while I was visiting. Here's a picture of the orange one that I took through the window in the door, a safe distance away from the allergens.

This is her little sister who enjoyed following us around:

And this is my friend and me:

That was all two Saturdays ago. Two Sundays ago, my church started a series titled "Practicing the Economics of God's Kingdom" (which I'm very excited about, and will probably write a more thorough blog about after this Sunday). The whole lobby, bookstore & auditorium is decked out in Monopoly paraphernalia, and the decor team did a really creative job.

Two Tuesdays ago, Josh & I took advantage of the free pancakes at IHOP. I learned, incidentally, that it is tradition to eat pancakes the day before Lent starts, on Shrove Tuesday. Check out Wikipedia's explanation

And, the most artistic of the cell phone pictures... this was the scene when we left the theater after Amazing Grace Saturday night. The foreboding Ice Storm had arrived... and only stuck around for 15 minutes after we left the mall, after which everything turned to rain and nothing bad happened. Oh well.

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