Fun surprises this week

  • I got business cards - with my own name printed on them and everything. I thought this was pretty nifty, seeing that these are my first business cards ever. Not that I have anyone to give them to, I just think they're pretty cool.

  • Girl Scout Cookies are here! - Samoas for me, Trefoils for Josh, and Thin Mints to share. Yum. Why do these only come around once a year?!

  • I just discovered there's going to be a Nancy Drew movie due out this summer! - Growing up, I was a huge Nancy Drew fan. I preferred the old books to the new series (though I didn't mind the Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys combo books), and I still get really excited when I'm wandering around an antique store or used book store and see an old yellow spine. The blue spines (Hardy Boys) I like as well. Anyway, the movie is a modernized Nancy Drew, and I hope they kept the spirit of the books. I kinda wish they had left it set in River Heights... Anyway, here's the trailer and the official site.

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Ashley said...

Yay for business cards! We should trade business cards sometime; it will be the first one I've ever given away and I've had them for 10 months now! :-p


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