Cameraphone Captures O' the Week

Valentine's Edition!

I discovered last weekend that these little heart-shaped potholders knit up really fast. I got 2 done before Valentine's Day.

Here's a much bigger heart, on a building downtown last night. The building was on Monument Circle... can you find it in the next picture?

We were downtown to go to the symphony - Josh's birthday present from me. It was really neat and we had a great time. Before the concert, there's a 'Words on Music' session in another room, where the guest conductor and guest pianist spoke about some of their experiences and influences, as well as the pieces they'd be playing. It was very interesting. The conductor, who currently is the conductor of the Houston symphony, was once the Iraqi national orchestra conductor, among other things. The guest pianist was 29 years old, and had won an international piano contest at age 11, and had been accepted & went to college at age 14 for music.
We had really unique seats for the concert. The only other time I had been to the symphony was as a part of my Art As Experience class, and I remembered seeing other people who appeared to be about our age, sitting above the stage, and thinking "those are cool seats!". Well, for Josh's birthday, I got us those 'cool seats'. Here's our view, during intermission:

The Hilbert Circle Theatre is beautiful, as well. Check out these details I caught- the fancy ceiling and the stained-glass EXIT sign:

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Ashley said...

Hey guess what! I found out tonight that the Carnival of Beauty is changing sponsors. Perhaps this new sponsor won't have issues with blogs about the emergent church movement. I hope not, because then you can participate. :-) We'll see in March, when the new sponsor is taking over...

Okay maybe I am more excited about that than you. :-p


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