We made the website!

...Of our wedding photographer, that is. He re-did his website, Line 11 Images, and it looks fabulous. In the images gallery, 3 pictures from our wedding made the slideshows...

This was taken in the garden enclave of the church. We had it printed & it's hanging in our half-bath, which has a flower theme.

This was right after we walked down the aisle, in the church lobby. We were so excited, we gave each other a big hug. My parents' favorite picture from the wedding was of us walking down the aisle, both with huge smiles on our faces.

This is my cousin's daughter, our flower girl, doing the Chicken Dance at the reception. She was pretty into it.

Also, check out his blog post on Valentine's Day. It's good to know a guy involved with so many weddings has a right attitude about love. In all honesty, I would recommend Dave without hesitation to anyone. He did an excellent job and was a blessing to work with.

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