Big Week

Last week was a huge week for my family. Even excluding the 16+ inches of snow that we got over the week. Unfortunately, I haven't mentioned any of the events on my blog. I realize that each of them deserve their own post, but I don't have the time (right this minute) to do each justice. Proper posts will come in the future.

  • Josh started a new job Tuesday! He left the job at the bank before Christmas, and had been looking for something new since then. Well, he found it, and had his first week of training last week (Sort of. The weather did cause some trouble with that.) He's looking forward to this job because he'll be working independently, working with his hands, and not have an sales responsibility- three things missing from the last job.

  • My parents sold their house. They have been in the process of building a new house on the other side of town, and their current house has been on the market since the fall. They were torn between wanting to sell it soon, as not to worry about it anymore, and wanting to sell it right before they move, to not have to move twice in between the time the buyers need to move in and when the new house is ready. This turned out pretty well- the buyers will move in not long before the new house is ready. Now for the challenge of packing 10+ years of stuff. This is by far the longest they've lived and 'settled' in a house.

  • And, now... (drumroll, please)...
  • On Wednesday, Valentine's Day, my sister and her boyfriend of 4 years got engaged! There's a long story behind the elaborate way Josh (That's right, Josh. We'll both be married to Joshes. I'll have a husband & a brother-in-law with the same name. My parents will have 2 son-in-laws with only one name to remember. It's already confusing.) proposed, and I'm not able to do it justice right this minute. I was planning on writing a really good post on this, and even uploaded pictures to illustrate, but didn't get around to it, and pretty soon it will be Old News, so there it is. See the album below for the pictures I was going to use. Caroline LOVES it when I post pictures of her on the Internet. Seriously. (This is a bit different than Caroline's blog post reacting to my engagement. I love you Caroline.) Oh, yeah, the wedding will be Summer '08, and, when a date is chosen, I'd appreciate it if no one coughMattandAlissecough chose the same date for their wedding so we can celebrate with everyone! ;-)


Ashley said...

Hooray! So happy about all those things, especially Caroline's engagement!!! That's so exciting. :-D Wow I can't believe that we're getting so close to summer of 08...

Where is Josh working now? Or would you prefer to answer that in a private email?

By the way, I have a friend named Ashley who is engaged to Charlie. Ashley has two brothers named Jason and Charlie. They are both married to women named Kelly. Talk about confusing!

Joanna said...

Josh is working for a company that does merchandising for Lowes. He'll be in charge of 2 stores (luckily, neither too far away).

beth said...

wait, are matt and alisse engaged?

Joanna said...

NO, and I don't want to start rumors here, so... NO. That was just a presumption, per conversations with Matt. But, no, they are currently not planning any specifics for a wedding for summer of '08. I only said it because they may at some point be planning a wedding for the summer of '08. It was just a disclaimer.

Ack, way to get me in trouble, Beth. :)

This is as good a time as any to add, check out Caroline's engagement story, in her own words!!


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