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I'm in a pinch. I need to cook dessert for our small group tonight- I volunteered to do it so our hostess, who has made dessert the last 3 weeks and had her 2 kids sans husband last week, wouldn't have to. Problem is, I'm fresh out of ideas. Nothing sounds good. Perhaps I'm just not hungry enough.

What desserts do you guys vote for?

Votes of actual small group members count twice. Coworkers should keep in mind that leftovers may appear in the breakroom tomorrow. I'm probably going to have to go shopping anyway, so having an ingredient around isn't an issue. Time is an issue- the start-to-finish time of the dessert will need to be less than 3 hours, and even less than that if I need to do major shopping.

Vote now in the comments! I need ya'll's help!


Ashley said...

Brownies! They only take about 45 minutes from start to finish, and they use a lot of basic ingredients around the house (mine do, anyway) so not much shopping needed. Also, you can serve them with ice cream if you want to mix it up a little. (Is it too cold for ice cream?)

Matt Moberly said...

First, and most importantly, the apostrophe in y'all is immediately after the Y. My vote should also be counted twice for providing such helpful assistance in your development of a vernacular.

Second, I vote for sugar cream pie. All it takes is sugar, a pie crust, and a couple of other ingredients to make the sugar stay together in pie shape. And you don't even have to worry about making a good crust, because people won't be able to taste it once their mouth is completely coated in sugar. It's pretty much perfect.

Brett said...

This no-bake cherry cheesecake is always a hit at the shindigs we attend. The prep time is next to nothing but you'll be pushing the 3 hour chill time.


James Kubecki said...

Four words: Giant Peanut Butter Cup

Better make a few.

The best part is that the sum total of all of the times listed in the recipe is only 45 seconds.

Joanna said...

OK, so, first, James, the giant peanut butter cup looks gross. And Josh is allergic to peanuts. It was vetoed quickly. Seriously, who has 5-6 bags of chocolate chips on hand?
We're not crazy about cheesecake, or cream cheese, so we don't have any of the ingredients on hand. Again, that got vetoed.
It came down to the brownies or sugar cream pie. Josh had never had sugar cream pie, so I decided to play it safe with the brownies. I also had never made brownies from scratch. I found a recipe that I had most everything for. I knew I was low on sugar & was going to have to buy it for whatever I cooked. The brownies look to be done in time. The batter turned out really weird... like fudge rather than brownie batter... and then I realized I forgot the eggs. I added them in later than they should have been added. Hopefully that didn't ruin the whole thing. I'm crossing my fingers these things are edible. We're going to get ice cream on the way there just in case.

As for the sugar cream pie, I'll make that sometime this week & bring it in to work to share- because it did have the most votes, if Matt's counted twice. And I do know how to spell y'all- I've spent about 9 years of my life living in Georgia. It was a typo in the midst of trying to make it possessive.

Thanks guys!

Ashley said...

I have a great recipe for brownies from scratch, if you ever want it. I would have given it to you earlier, but I was at work.

I've always spelled it ya'll but it seems that y'all is correct. Sigh. I think ya'll looks prettier.

Matt Moberly said...

I'll concede that a double-apostrophe word is a hurdle that most people are afraid to jump at all. So... good effort.


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