Good Story o' the Week

Check out what I got unexpectedly in the mail this week. Yes, that's me, in all my dressed-up-for-the-first-day-of-fourth-grade glory. I'm wearing earrings?! Oh, and the headband look, I kept until I figured out it wasn't cool around 7th grade. Check out that date- this is back in the good ol' days when school started in September, not mid-to-early August.
So, how did this 13-year-old picture end up in my mailbox, you may wonder? Well, back this summer, I mentioned that I had gotten in touch with one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Sproles, and she sent me a picture she found of me while cleaning her house, along with a very thoughtful wedding present. Well, she's still going through stuff, and found another picture, this time of me & her on my first day in her class, along with a note talking about what she's been up to. She mentioned that the recent Hawaii earthquake knocked out their power for 17 hours, and the fish were jumping out of the water before the quake hit.

It was fun to get a surprise.

In other news, the record for the highest score in a Scrabble game, ever, was broken this week. It's pretty amazing. I may be the two-year reigning champion of the Taylor Scrabble tournament, but I can't match up with these guys. I'll admit, QUIXOTRY isn't in my vocabulary.


mrs.burke said...

So did you study word lists and the official scrabble dictionary to become the Taylor scrabble champion, or was no one there that hard core?

I think my best score ever is just over 400.

Joanna said...

There was definitely no one there that hardcore. A lot of people showed up just because they liked to play, and they barely knew the rules (like +50 for using all your letters, or adding/subtracting leftover letters at the end of the game...)

I actually didn't HAVE a Scrabble dictionary until I won the first year and got it as a prize. The second year, different people were running the tournament and as a prize they had... a Scrabble game. As if the winner of the Scrabble tournament doesn't already have the game. So, after that night, I had 2 Scrabble games and a Super Scrabble game. I gave one of the smaller boards to my roommate


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