Autumn Adventure

From autumn 06
This was an Adventure Weekend. Sunday, we took an Indiana fall pilgrimage to Brown County, to see what was left of the foliage. Neither of us had made this trip before, although it seems required for any proper Hoosier. We love just driving, so that was the plan for the day- driving country highways to see God's glory shining in the colors of the season.

I searched for a route for us, because we wanted some kind of guidance while traveling in unfamiliar parts of the state. We settled on following a crude map we found, and relying on our Indiana map if we wanted to go off this path. This turned out to be a great plan. Because these roads are state highways, they were well kept, but were surprisingly lonely. We loved driving up and down the tree-covered hills and around lots of sweeping and not-so-sweeping curves, both things we don't do any of in flat central Indiana farmland. The colors on the trees were nice, but not as bright as if we had headed down for the trip earlier in the season. I had my SLR film camera in tow, but I don't know how my pictures turned out yet. I'm going to finish a roll of film tonight then get prints later this week. Josh was in charge of the point-and-shoot digital camera and decided it was more interesting to take pictures of me than of the leaves. He did get some fabulous pictures of leaves when he tried to, though. I'm proud of him.

After the road trip, we headed to Nashville, IN to walk around and eat. Nashville in a gem I had never visited, but I really liked. It has streets lined with local artists' shops full of art, home decor, crafts, and unique gifts. The streets were very crowded, probably because of the combination of the season and the exceptionally nice day. We didn't get out of the town without splurging on a couple things- I got a sunflower clock to complement the sunflower decor in the dining room, and Josh (finally) got a cowboy hat, something he's wanted for years

After our Nashville jaunt, we ate an early dinner and drove to Bloomington to see the town. We were going to sneak in and out and hop on IN-37 and go home, but then I get a phone call... my sister saw us. She was on a walk and spotted our car. A school of 40,000 people and Caroline picks us out. It actually turned out to be a good thing- I had never been in her sorority before, and we got the grand tour. It was neat to see a little of her world.

Other crazy thing that happened: A few weeks ago, I was given a bunch of pears, and made a pear pie eaten by people at my work. Josh told his coworkers I did this, and they demanded I make them a pear pie. I told him to tell them, when I get more free pears, I'll do it, but I'm not going to buy my own... I guess I'm eating my words. Or, rather, Josh's coworkers will eat my words. We took a detour off our route for a bit and came across none other than a house with a "FREE PEARS" sign and grocery bags full of pears by the driveway. Sigh. We filled a grocery sack we had along with the largest pears I've ever seen (not that I've seen many pears...), and I know what I'll be doing Wednesday night :)

More pictures to come later. For now, check out the album with a few photos from the digital camera.


beth said...

I've never heard of a pear pie! What's your recipe and do you have any pictures of the finished product?

Joanna said...

Neither had I, actually. I made an apple pie at one point, and it said pears could be substituted. That intrigued me. When I had free pears available because my friend in our small group had canned all she could, I took the rest and decided I'd do an experiment. I looked up a proper pear pie recipe and found this one. I do have pictures from the last time I cooked it, actually. Here it is pre-cooked, and here's the finished product. Not so different from the apple pie I had cooked earlier. It actually doesn't taste so different either, because the same spices are used, and cooked pears & cooked apples have similar textures and tastes.

Ashley said...

The leaves are beautiful! I have enjoyed them immensely - the trees around our apartment are in all their full glory right now.


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