A Little Bit of Paradise

So, here's my good-story-of-the-week:

My favorite teacher during elementary school was my fourth grade teacher at my elementary school in Hawaii. I tend to Google the names of my favorite people of the past, to see where they're at today, and I did just that 3 or 4 years ago with Mrs. Sproles. Although I was sure she had left the elementary school I was at in Hawaii and moved to the mainland, I found she was still there, so I decided on a whim to send her an email. Well, that email turned into on-and-off correspondence for the last 3 years, and it's been fun for me to hear about goings-on back in Hawaii. In our most recent correspondence, she told me of her recent retirement and I told her all my life-change recently. She said they were planning on moving soon and were cleaning out the house, and she found a picture of me and wondered if I wanted her to send it to me. I said yes and gave her our new address.
Well, Monday I get home from work and there's a half-opened package on the counter. Josh had picked it up on his lunch break, I thought. The box was open but the card wasn't. The card had my name first, so I assumed Josh hadn't opened it because it was a friend of mine rather than his. I looked in the package and saw that it had Hawaii mugs and thought, Oh, that's really nice! Who would have been so thoughtful as to remember I lived in Hawaii? How cool. I open the wedding card and see the picture my teacher had found, me playing Mancala and jan-ken-po (rock paper scissors) with a friend on a field trip. She had written a very nice note, and sent us 2 Hawaii mugs and Hawaiian coffee (I don't like coffee, and I like Hawaiian coffee.)

All of this made me smile very much.

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