Culinary and Cultural Adventures

Last weekend, my adventures included a culinary adventure Friday-- fondue and a cultural adventure Saturday-- GenCon. (Some wouldn't consider GenCon 'cultural, but I'm talking about getting into a subculture and exploring their world. It's great. You should try it.) This weekend I continued the pattern, and had just as wonderful a time!

Friday morning, Josh and I didn't know what we were going to do that night. By the evening, we had Matt coming from Muncie bringing dinner for us and David bringing dessert, and both joining us for pleasant company for the evening. Matt brought a variety of sausages given to him by Alisse's dad, and we grilled them and ate them plain or on a bun. We got to try mild Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and Cajun-Polish sausage. All very delicious. For dessert, David brought Cookies & Cream and Cherry Chocolate Chunk ice cream, which was also enjoyed by all. After stuffing ourselves, we played a couple games and watched an episode of Star Trek before calling it a night. Josh & I both enjoyed visiting with friends; it was delightful. I never turn down good food and good company.

Today, Josh had to work, and my plan was to get things done around the house, but he, the wonderful husband he is, encouraged me to do what I had planned before I knew he was working-- go to the dog show in Muncie that my friends Seth and Amber were helping out with. (I've mentioned Amber and her dogs before.) I hadn't been to a dog show since I lived in Hawaii when I was 10ish years old, so I was pretty excited. I quickly found Amber and talked to her about work and life by the ring the Great Danes were showing in for quite a while, then hung out a while longer, and saw what I could see, from the common breeds to the not-so-common. I loved it. I'm looking forward to having a dog, but I'll probably not go with a purebred, as fun as dog shows are. I'd rather rescue and unwanted mutt and have a well-behaved, polite dog than spend the hundreds of dollars on a dog like the ones I saw today. I did appreciate, though, how well-behaved all the dogs at the show were. They were all well-socialized enough to not be fazed by the crowds and the smells and the other dogs. They're pros, definitely more than me-- I was overwhelmed and excited by all the activity at the Muncie fairgrounds. The dogs took it in stride.

Check out all the pictures from the event:
Muncie Dog Show 06
Aug 4, 2006 - 18 Photos

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Larissa said...

This is Daniel Conner writing from Larissa's blog. I was poking around and found your little journal and thought that I would say hello. I don't at the moment have the time to read up on your life,(you know, lots of changes, such as marriage, or new shoes), but I did want to say that I plan on checking it out soon.


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