New Things

New Thing #1:
A new thing happened this morning. I got to work later than I meant to, about 10 minutes after 8. I've never done that. It can't ever happen because of traffic- I can WALK to wor in 10 minutes. And this wasn't because I had slept in, it was because of New Thing #2.

New Thing #2:
I got a new cell phone yesterday. When it came in the mail, I dutifully followed the directions and let it charge without turning it on for a whole 8 hours, so the first chance I had to play with it and complete the all-important task of choosing a new ringtone was this morning before work. I think I got a little carried away. Oh, and I ended up with "Jazz Piano". This development means that my all-time favorite phone is being retired from active use, which is a hard. thing. I still feel a pang of guilt when I see it lying on the table there, off, and without a SIM card. It served me well.

New Thing #3:
Blogger has lots of fun new features that I really want to try out. My Google account is eligible to be a part of the beta release, but, alas, they aren't done with the new features for the team blogs, so I can't migrate my account yet. I'm very disappointed. I'm really itching to try out the new features. It'll be fun.

Other than that, not much is new. Josh went on an adventure without me Sunday. Sunday was a "boys' day out" with his dad, 2 of his brothers and his nephew going boating at Raccoon Lake. I stayed back with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew and we had a delightful time ourselves, though not so adventurous.
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Ashley said...

Hey! That's the cell phone I've been wanting!! It's like $180 to get one without a plan though. :-( I will never make the same mistake that I did last time and get an LG phone. I miss my Nokia!

beth said...

Would ya believe I've been looking at that phone, too? I get a new one in October, so naturally, I've already begun window shopping. That one looks like the most bang for your buck. Let me know if anything about it disappoints you or if it's everything it seems it is and more. :)


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