New banner!

Check out the new banner... if you didn't guess it, we got our wedding pictures back and are very pleased. We're looking forward to getting some printed and in frames around our home (AND we're excited to get wallet-sized pictures printed so we can stuff & send out our thank-you cards!)

Yeah, so I decided, I have no Photoshop skills (or, in my case, GIMP skills). I managed to crash the program a couple times, and didn't even come up with something amazing... it may be edited again in the coming days (Ha... like I'll have time to do that...)

In other news, we're going to visit a small group bible study with other young marrieds on Monday. Josh's job started well, and he's still trying to get into the swing of things. Next weekend is a trip to Atlanta & Ashley's wedding. I can't believe it- I'm so excited for her.


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im lovin' the new picture.. very creative... :)


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