I love puzzles - not so much jigsaw puzzles, but thinking games. I always have. When I was little, I would take books full of logic puzzles in the car with me, rather than listening to music or coloring. I have fond memories from high school sitting on the couch doing the crossword puzzle of the day with my dad. The next movie on my list to see is Wordplay, about the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle and IU grad Will Shortz, and features crossword fans Jon Stewart, Bob Dole, and Bill Clinton, among others.

All that to say, there was a Slashdot story today about an exhibit at IU's Lilly Library that will include a sampling of the world's largest collection of mechanical puzzles, recently donated to the school. I think it sounds very cool. A hands-on part of the exhibit: the first visitors every day have to open puzzle-boxes to get the puzzles out, to even see the exhibit. I love it!

Check out the New York Times piece on the exhibit.

And the conclusion of the matter... This is the best excuse yet I've had to go to Bloomington and visit Caroline.

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Caroline elise said...

You're coming to visit !??!?!


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