The Work World

While setting up the beautiful, comfortable apartment, Josh has been doing so much around the house, and I've missed out this week during the day- I started my new job!
Although I don't feel like I've done anything yet, I've really enjoyed it. I've been keeping a list of why I've loved it so far:
  • Natural light - There's windows all the way around the very open office, providing natural light, as well as a good view of the weather outside. No more windowless Dungeon for me!

  • Clean code - All I've done since starting Monday is read code, to get familiar with what I will be working on. Although I don't feel like an expert in the language, all the code has made sense. Variable names and comments are very appropriate. Indents and functionalization make the code easy to follow. I love it.

  • Diversity - Melissa beat me to commenting on this one, but apparently she and I are having similar experiences. In high school, I was surrounded by people from different cultures, races, and schools of thought. The one thing I always say I wish was different about Taylor is the lack of diversity. Well, once I left the Bubble and got back to the rest of the world, I found diversity again. I love hearing accents left and right, talking to people who have lived in different cultures, and relating to them, because was a minority too, once. It's something I've missed and am glad to have back.

  • My own bathroom - Well, the company is diverse in one way, and I bring diversity to it in another-- I'm the only female in the office. On the upside, I get my own, very nice and clean 6-stall restroom to escape to, primarily because there no one else in the office, besides the ocasional client, that uses it.

  • A small company - The company is about 25 employees, whhich means everyone knows everyone and office politics are practically nonexistent. I like familiar faces.

  • Galactica 1980 - The break room has a big-screen TV with satellite cable. One day while eating lunch, a bunch of people were in there and the show that was agreed on was the SciFi network's rerun of Galactica 1980. I've decided I like my coworkers' senses of humor. They have fun together.

  • Jeans and a T-shirt - That's the dress code. I like being comfortable.

  • Nice people - No one that I have found is chronically grumpy or even unapproachable. Everyone seems to communicate well.

  • Bumper pool - There's a bumper pool table in the middle of the office floor. Abot 1/3 to 1/2 the day, people are playing it. I like the background noise. I like that people take time to relax and have fun at work. I definitely need practice on the game, though- someone tried to teach me to play once, and it did not go well.

  • No cubicles - My desk is two-walled rather than three- or four-walled, so rather than having a cubicle, I have a corner desk with lots of workspace. Without all the structure and walls of cubicles, the whole office is very open and bright, as if it was taken straight out of Peopleware from Software Engineering

  • Breakfast on Fridays - When I went to the break room to get my regular morning tea, I saw doughnuts, bagels, and turnovers on the table. Turns out breakfast is provided for everyone on Fridays regularly. Tea bags are provided everyday, as well as sodas.

So, this is why I like my job so far. Some are silly reasons, but I trust I'll find better reasons as time goes on and I start doing meaningful work. I look forward to it.

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