Reflections on work week #2

So, I've discovered this "full time job" thing really cuts into blogging time. So be it. Here are some highlights and thoughts from the week:

I walked to work one day this week. It was nice to be able to spend 15 minutes outside in the morning. It cleared my head and let me wake up, as well as get some resh air. The downside: in the mile walk to work, I have to cross 2 4-lane roads. It wasn't so bad.

Work this week was great. I got real assignments that are going to be used by real clients, who I actually got to talk to, to gather requirements (Quality is conformance to requirements). Another good thing about work: I'm being challenged. I really feel like I'm being stretched to learn hands-on what I need to know. I like it, though it does wear me out.

At work, the distraction of the week was the World Cup. For those of you Americans who don't know, the World Cup is THE international soccer (football) tournament that the rest of the world cares very much about. A few people in my office care very much about, and run to and from the break room to catch bits of the games. I watched the end of the Germany-Argentina game, which was very exciting because Argentina was up 1-0 going into the final stretch when Germany scores off two headers and forces a half-hour overtime, where no one scores. To decide the winner, players alternated penalty kicks at the opposing goalie, and Germany came out on top.

My first day at work, I got the obligitory company-logo mug. This one is different- it is glass. I decided I like the look of tea in a glass mug. It has a translucence to it that makes it beautiful. The Adagio Tea site seems to agree that tea looks better in a glass mug.

And the highlight of the week... Yesterday, after a long week of interviews, Josh acepted a job. Our minds are at ease. We celebrated last night by going to dinner and putt-putt. Hooray. He starts working at a bank EVEN CLOSER to our apartment than my work on July 17. Sigh. God is good.

I'm headed to lunch with my friend Lindsey. Another hooray.

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Matt Wissman said...

Congratelations on the new job! I agree that tea looks better in glass mugs. There are some crazy football people at my work too. They are recording every game and creating a DVD set of all the World Cup.


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