Real Life, or Something Like It

Life, or Something Like It is a 2002 movie starring Angelina Jolie that I've never seen. I just liked the title.
Lots has been happening, and people left and right have been telling me to blog. My excuse up until Wednesday was "I don't have an internet connection at home," but Josh ruined that excuse when he set up DSL and wireless in the apartment once we got the equipment in. My excuse for the last few days... we had guests over for dinner Wednesday and last night, and Thursday, I was just too tired- I was ready for bed at 9.

Enough excuses. Here I am, and lots has happened to talk about. I think I'm going to break it up into a couple posts for clarity's sake. This post will be about Home, the other about Work.

Since the last post (almost two weeks ago! Sorry, again!) Josh and I have managed to set up a presentable-looking home in our apartment. I'm still absolutely thrilled with our apartment choice. Oh! and I have pictures!

First, our living room. Note the fireplace. The only addition to this picture since it was taken is a triangular table that fits perfectly between the chair and the couch, that we found at Goodwill. What're the chances of both finding AND needing a table in the shape of a right isoscles triangle? The thing you can't see in the picture is the DVD shelf next to the TV, which we got with a Best Buy gift card and are very happy with. The fireplace tools next to the fireplace were $5 at a garage sale. Yay for good deals.

Moving on to the dining room! I like it. It is all my favorite colors. Josh hung pictures for us- the clock and two framed pictures. Note the amazing 'pantry'. The stool in the corner was a 'gift' from Melissa. (By 'gift', I mean, it didn't fit in her car on her way to Pennsylvania)

And... we have the kitchen! most of our wedding gifts ended up here, and we are making good use of them! We've really enjoyed cooking, both in the kitchen and on the grill. We've not been too adventurous yet, except when Matt was over and Josh had gotten organic whole-grain spaghetti and organic sauce at Wild Oats to try. In the kitchen, note the sunflower theme, if you can see it. The microwave was another 'gift' from Melissa. The spice rack in the corner was a wedding gift I was pretty excited about.

Next, the study. Nothing terribly exciting in here yet. This was the last room to get unpacked. A desk (rather than the current folding table) is on our wish list. The bookshelf was purchased with Target gift cards and was a pain to assemble. Random trivia: the recliner in the study was Dr. Geisler's once-upon-a-time, then it was given to Melissa, then became a 'gift' to us. The floor lamp- also a 'gift'.

Lastly, the bedroom. Things of note here: the quilt at the end of the bed was made by Josh's grandmother, the nightstands are from Wal-mart gift cards, and the lamps from Target gift cards. I'm pretty excited about the nightstands & lamps, actually. The quilt is beautiful. Since this picture was taken, Josh hung a picture over our bed.

There's a tour of our home, minus the bathroom, half-bath, and walk-in closet. These pictures are the evidence of what I've been doing the past two weeks- setting it all up! I'm really happy with the way things turned out. If you're in the area, come see it for yourself! We're really enjoying having people over.

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Kristen said...

I love the apartment! Can't wait to visit. BTW- let me know where you want to get the desk from and I'll give you a gift card (since I didn't get you anything).


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