And I'm Back...

The wedding went beautifully. Even I had fun.

The honeymoon was fun and relaxing- Matt, you weren't the only one in the UP last weekend! We stayed in Wisconsin, but ended up in Michigan for a day. The other days, we went on a bike ride, hiked, took the pontoon boat out on the lake behind the house we were in, ate at good local restaurants and all-around had a good time. On the way back from Wisconsin, we stopped to have lunch with Josh's grandmother, who couldn't come to the wedding. That was happy. After that, we proceeded to get stuck in 3 hours of Chicago Friday-afternoon traffic.

Since being back, we've set the apartment up a bit, then had 13 people over for dinner last night for a gift-opening party. We got a lot of very nice things. Now we're back to having to set the apartment up again. I officially changed my name this morning at the Social Security office, and Josh & I got banking squared away this afternoon. Tomorrow we tackle getting me a new drivers license and titling and insuring the car.

Ah, the joys and challenges of real life.

On another note, pictures will (hopefully) be ready soon, and if you were at the wedding (and signed the guestbook!) you'll get an email about how to see/order them. If you WEREN'T at the wedding and want to see them, give me an email and I'll stick your name on the list too.



Ashley said...

Yay! You're back! I'm glad you had a good honeymoon. :-) I've been thinking of you! Looking forward to seeing those pictures! But I signed the guest book so I should be good. :-)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the pictures you sent me! Paul thinks you should use the one of your and Josh's feet stepping for your "Keeping Feet" header. :-)

Goran Aleksic said...

May God bless your years together as husband and wife with abundant joy, hope and peace. Congratulations!



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