Adventures in Indy

My Spring Break had been productive but unexciting up till yesterday. Not that yesterday was particularly exciting, it was just restful and fun, which I think I needed.

Some highlights:
  • I went downtown with the intent of taking pictures of Final Four preparations. I was determined to get out & do some photography sometime during spring break. I did. There was lots going on downtown- especially around the Circle. I particularly liked seeing the men putting huge banners up on the buildings. That was cool. I took pictures with a film camera (I know, so old-fashion) so I can't post them immediately. Sorry about that. Maybe later. After I was done taking pictures, I walked around Circle Centre for a bit before heading back to Carmel.

  • I got to have the spinach dip sandwich from Angie's Cafe that I've raved about before for lunch. Yummy.

  • I bought a swimsuit at Target. I like it a lot. I think it's my first swimsuit purchase in 6 years. That would not be the case if Taylor had a pool. Alas.

  • I got a nap

  • My friend Katelynn randomly called and we went for ice cream after dinner and sat and talked for 2 hours. It was delightful.

  • While hanging out with Katelynn, Kristen called. She's on a mission trip in Daytona, FL right now, sharing about God with people on the beach. She's having a great time, and I'm excited to hear the rest of her stories. Per the request of one of her fellow team members, I wrote a note to her she was to receive during the week. She said she got it, and that it was encouraging. Apparently she also liked the notecard.

Good day. Beautiful day. Today should be good too. My favorite stormchaser wants to go stormchasing, if conditions are right. We'll see.

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